Florida Homeowners’ Associations provide an invaluable service to Florida homeowners.  HOAs bear the responsibility of managing the community’s finances, maintaining the common areas throughout the community and enforcing certain standards in accordance with its governing documents and Florida law.  By doing so, an effective HOA ensures that each property owner meets their financial obligation and enables each owner to enjoy their most important asset, their home.

Every HOA should retain legal counsel to promptly address their legal needs and ensure that the association’s board members’ actions are consistent with the associations’ governing documents and Florida law.  Because each homeowners’ association is distinct, with its own rules, bylaws, and declaration, Silberman Law works closely with each association client to clearly understand the issues after reviewing the associations’ governing documents.  

Silberman Law can serve as the association’s general counsel and provide your homeowners’ association with cost effective, high quality representation in the following areas:
  • Collection of unpaid assessments
  • Enforcing restrictive covenants
  • Election disputes and recall petitions
  • Litigation against the developer, unit or parcel owners, contractors, or vendors
  • Arbitration actions
  • Representation before the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (“DBPR”)
  • Legal opinions regarding interpretation of governing documents or Florida law
  • General legal representation regarding administration of the association’s business
  • Mediation
  • Other issues pertaining to condominium or homeowners’ associations

Experienced Homeowners’ Association Attorney

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